Smart business owners realize this and thus have their own website housing products and services so that potential customers can browse online for the products they want to purchase. A website is also important because it helps you establish credibility as a business, organization or self-employed entrepreneur.

The purpose of a service-based business website is to convince visitors that they should become customers of the service company.  During this process, they are trying to find the best company that will meet their specific needs.

IT’s important to have a website​


Possibly the most important part of a website is the navigation. Good navigation should be easy to find and comprehend — making for quick and easy travel throughout the entire website. When designing navigation, web designers sometimes get carried away with designs and fancy typefaces.

Good design is important not only because it is easy-on-the-eyes, but more importantly, because it inspires confidence in the entrepreneur or your business.

The cost of building a website

Building a typical website involves the following expenses:

Graphic Design & Development: About $500 & up ($350/hm. pg. + $150/ea. add'l. pg.  Usually a one-time setup/design charge)

Domain Registration: About $10-12/year
Web Hosting: About $50-75/year (included free the first year when dealing with CBA Media Group)
Other than the domain name, the rest of the expenses are related to your choice of the platform.

Want a free or cheaper route? 

You can build your website for free. But I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before, “If you’re serious about your online presence, DON’T use a FREE website builder!”

After all, a standard entry-level shared hosting cost no more than $6/mo.  If you want people to take you or your business seriously, you can’t have a URL that tells you’re using a free platform to host your site.

Also, you certainly don’t look professional with a website with a URL like:

Let’s say that you decided to do your own and start by choosing a WordPress website. And so, in addition to a domain name, you’ll also buy:

An annual managed WordPress-hosting (costing somewhere at $48+)
A premium WordPress theme for about $50+
A bunch of premium plugins

In all, you should expect to spend at LEAST $200 on your website … and that’s one that you “designed” yourself!

But what if you realized after two weeks that WordPress — no matter how great it looked in the beginning — WASN’T for you, and that you had just lost 200 bucks? How would you feel?

The point is:

If you take advantage of the seasoned experience and talents of a professional, you’ll showcase a better, more confidence-inspired choices to your visitors – choices that you won’t regret.

All you need to do is give spend some time to give some details about your project and we’ll work to find out the one that’s perfect for you.